Grey Pro 25 microns not available?

Hi Guys,
I recently got the LT tank for the Form 2 coupled with the Grey Pro resin. It says on the website that the Grey Pro supports 25 micron prints.

But i checked today and it does not seem to have that option.
Am i seeing this right?

Grey pro can only print in 100 or 50. No mention of 25 micron on the website

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Ah okay. thank you ,I must have read it wrongly. I shall get myself the Standard grey resin then
Thank you

Do you mind if I ask what you’re working on that needs 25 microns? I only ask because many folks think that will help with detail fidelity when 100 microns will often produce equally good results. :slight_smile:

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Sure of course. I work mainly in high end fine collectible statues. you can check out my instagram page @mufizal to see some of the works.