Flying demonstrator

Hi guys!

I originally got the Form1 with the objective of manufacturing parts for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

I’ve been using it since last October, and here are a few pictures of one vehicle - a scaled flying demonstrator of an electric aerobatic plane - currently under construction.

The parts in grey in the CAD screenshots are the one manufactured using the Form1.

And the devices below the wings are not weapons, but airspeed sensors!  :)

I print everything in grey at 0.1mm, with a focus on dimensional accuracy rather than details.

I’m really happy with the Form1, even though it is not “plug’n’play” yet if you want to get these accurate parts (you can see mating surfaces not perfectly aligned on one of the pictures), but it is achievable with a bit of trial and error mixed with experience  :)


Very cool! Would love to see more photos as you continue the project!

Any chance of sharing the model? Would love to see if I could do something like this myself.