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Mold3D Workshop print arrived!

I took the Mold3D workshop end of April and the sculpt I did in class was made into a 3d print using the Form1. It was a great class where I learned a lot and it was a bonus getting to use the Form1 as it is the printer I ordered (still waiting for it :frowning: ) Thought everyone might like to see how it turned out and how awesome this printer is. I can’t wait to get my actual printer so I can pump out more like this.

First image is of the ZBrush sculpt. Second image is the prep work on the model. Last image is the cleaned print with Grey Tamiya primer. I need to setup a lighting studio for better pics.

Hmmm, just noticed the images are squished for some reason when you click them. Anyone know why?

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Wow that looks really really good!

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