First Print! Diving Helmet - Working out the kinks

Hi everyone - I just got my first Form 1+ setup and am trying to get everything in order.

Here’s my first Print for a friend of mine in the game industry (where I currently work) - a couple of errors where there weren’t enough supports put in but overall ok:

I’m now having a lot of problems printing anything else. But I’m learning a lot reading through the forum here.

I’m setting up a better darker work area and have ordered all the necessary items like Novus-1 cleaner and even a UV curing box - the machine and the cleanliness demands a lot more than I imagined!

Hope to be printing more soon. Thanks for all the great info and work found in these forums. There’s a lot that needs doing to further this industry and I hope I can contribute to it.



awsome work! I hope to get used to Zbrush quick to make things like that too.

Nice print & model!


Zbrush is hard to get used to - but after a while using it I really prefer to be sculpting in it vs other more traditional software.

If I had advice I’d say narrow yourself down to only a few brushes you like - my favorites are Clay Buildup, Trim Dynamic, and Snake Hook. Get familiar with masking and polygroups. Also get familiar with how to customize the interface because you will want to a lot. Good luck!

Thanks - hopefully they can work out my laser problems I will be running my machine day and night!

I love the details on the helmet – that double carrick bend! wow!