First 3D print

Hey all

I just wanted to show you the very first print out of the form1 we just received!

Here are some pictures of the 3D model and the 3D printed version.

Hope you like it



C’est trop cool bro

Looks cool… Is there a body for it to attach to coming?

Thanks !

@Matt: for the moment only the head is kind of finished…it was only a small test before printing larger sculptures. But you’ll probably see it in a full body pose soon or later.

I still have to finish the body of that creature.

I’m printing a full body character of another specimen right now i will post pictures later :slight_smile:


Very neat! Keep the photos coming!

Hello everyone, i’m presenting you what we have been workign on for some months now.
It’s a commemorative ring made for the Belgian SAS. I did the design in Zbrush printed it on the form1+ in grey resin.
I then sand papered it, mold it in silicon and made the wax injection.
The silver sterling 925 cast was made in Antwerp. Finish made by us

Hope you like it



We are ZBrush users as well, and really want a Form 1+… Do you continue to have good luck with it? Do you get consistently clean output? The ring looks great: Was it printed cleanly for you?

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the compliment :smile:
The first printer i had was a form 1 which had a problem on the galvo but it was upgraded in september to a form 1+ (thanks to the great support @ formlabs) and so far i keep getting nice prints.
The ring came out nicely and i had very few touch up to do before molding it.
Small holes near the supports which is easily fixed with a drop of resin and a laser pointer. A bit of sandpaper and it was ready to mold.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time since i posted something here so here is something new
It’s a ring for my dad’s 60th birthday :smile:

Zbrush Model rendered in Keyshot

Ring printed at the finest resolution in grey resin

Finished piece in sterling silver

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Great ring.
Thanks for posting picutres.
You indicated you used Gray for printing.
Did you cast the gray resin?
Or did you make a Gray mold- wax injection-casting?

Hey Evert,
Thanks i really appreciate it.
I did a silicon mold of the grey ring and wax injecting the mold but for the next models i’ll try the castable resin.

When you do castable resin make 2 models to cast in the same flask and if you can, carefully spray one with laquer.
Let me know how it works out.
I beleive the laquer helps in casting the castable resin.
It has worked for me.

What type of laquer did you use? Does it help to have a cleaner finish and/or for potential residue?
I bought a small uv chamber for nails…i hope that will be enough to fully cure the resin.
Thanks for the tip!

I used Minwax laquer but I think any type of spray laquer will do.
My models have come out smoother and there seems to be no investment breackdown due to the
reaction with the resin.

After fully curing your model spray and after 5 minutes it should be ready to cast.
To cure my models I use a reptile light that you can get from a pet store. I beleive it is UV light and it produces heat.
It has worked for me.

ok thank you i’ll give it a try next week…i’m modeling wedding rings right now so i’ll let you know how it goes.