Developing an Art Toy line

I wanted to post up a couple of production shots of some of what I have been up to.
It has been a dream of mine for a long time to develop my own signature line of fine art toys. Since I purchased the form I have come closer than ever to making that a reality.,
I will be Kickstarting my new collectible line, in the next week or so, and did all my prototyping with the Form 1+.
I plan to have several rewards that will come right off the printer.

About a liter and a half of resin


Wow, the finish on those is excellent! Is that using the super-fine resolution?

Good luck with your venture, I like my collectables a bit more girly but that is some impressive design work and beautifully printed models!

Hey Alexis, really impressive sculpts. I just saw the article on about your kickstarter campaign. Good luck with it! On a side note I noticed one error in the kickstarter page you setup.

Where it says Form1 Labs SLS Printer Resin.

SLS is selective laser sintering which the Form 1 is not. The Form 1+ is SLA which is stereolithography.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you get your funding!

Hi Kelly. It is not super fine resolution, just super fine Sandpaper… the kind you get at Autozone, and Turtle Wax. I also used a dremel rotary polisher.

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Thanks for the catch Richard. I corrected the typo.

That looks fantastic Alexis! Thanks for sharing and please keep posting to this thread.

Creating toy prototypes was the reason we got our Form 1, so I’m very interested in seeing how your project develops.


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