First few prints (some jewelry and the predator head)

Well, I must say the prints came out nice, but the softness problem on the side of the supports is evident. However I’m impressed how easily and relatively cleanly everything prints. No failed prints for me. For things like the statues, action figures etc, Form1 shines and handles like a champ, but when it comes to tiny detail for jewelry, or textures I think we need a different resin, something that is less viscous and has more pigment, and will allow us to print at 0.025 setting.

Here are some photos (focus stacked for maximum detail, but the clear resin is not making it easy. They look much better in person in other words.)

The predator model was downloaded from TurboSquid, and was printed at the 100 Clear setting.

The rings and the cross were printed at 50 Clear setting.

I tried the 25 Clear setting but the details were smeared. Need a different resin for that, if printing thin small parts with details.

Really nice pieces and thank you for sharing your settings!