First print miniature

My form1+ arrive yesterday and I am very happy with it!
The first thing we made was a miniature of a client.
I left you some photo of the work.
The miniature have 40mm of high and was printed with 0.025mm of layer.
I think the print can improve with more support material
I dont know what happen with the layer of the sword



Nice :smiley:

Great details, the black resin seems to be good for tiny detailed models.
Could you attach a screenshot so we can see the orientation and supports? Then we might be able to figure out why the sword came out that way.

Thax! I use density 1 and contact point of 0.6mm

I’m quite impressed with this. Was there a reason you broke it up into pieces at this size? Would it be possible to print it as one piece? Miniature work is my primary interest in the printer (still waiting for mine to ship).

Is possible to print in one piece. I cut the model to try different position . It is a great printer!

The sword failed or I should say wanted to fail as a result of the peeling process which puts a lot of stress on the parts specially when they are thin.

I think you should try to put the sword model in a angle with two or three supports. Cesar is right, the sword is probably to thin, thats why the other weapon did not fail at the same layer (its round and thick)

I tried to print the same sword in the same position and nothing happen came out perfectly!
I think that fails is random