FREE 3D action figures for the Form2

I am now offering the Form2 files of my Legend of the Warsnail figure line for free non-commercial use. You can download them from
Please make sure to read the license and safety instructions before using the files. Also please do not ask for STLs. I do not plan to release the figures in any other way then the .form format any time soon. Have fun printing!



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These are beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing. I wanted to download these to see how you created your joints. These are very impressive. I see that you built these in clear. I have been building my models in Gray V4. Was there a specific reason you are using clear?

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Is there a story to go with these? They look like a good book.

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Sorry for replying so late. I did not get any notifications of replies to the thread. :frowning: I go with the durable resin which is also semi transparent. The reason is that this material is much closer to what an actual action figure is made of an allows for the joints to work.

Sorry for replying so late. I did not get notified of new messages for this thread. You can learn more about the characters at:

Awesome stuff.
Whales > snails, but that’s only my personal opinion :smiley:

Could it be that you did the figures for the Bohemian Browser Ballet’s Masters of Germany?