Tiny Anime Action Figures


The variety of materials and level of detail available to the Form 2 is incredible and I have been absolutely squandering all those incredible materials and qualities by using mine to design and print tiny anime dolls that are heavily inspired by Mega House’s Desktop Army figures…

I really like the Durable, but anything that doesn’t need that slight flex (like joints, hands, and faceplates) works really well in Pro Grey and Dental Model, with parts of clothes working really nicely in Elastic and accessories in Clear.

Moving forward I intend to experiment with pigmenting the Durable resin, as well as printing my own waterslide decals. If you want to mess around with the base body models they are available here for free. Good luck and have fun!

Looking for local print services? I don't know where I am

I love this project.

I’m hoping to use my Form2 for a similar endeavor - remixing ‘Monster High’ dolls into new characters. They’re modular, they have good sculpts - but the down side is that often their hands are MIA when you buy them from eBay or from thrift stores…

I have been trying to brainstorm how to scan/model the few hands I have from them so I can print a bunch. (And it would be even better if I could figure out how to bend the digital file into different poses for holding objects, or have a precise hole to insert a magnet for props. But since I’m not…well, handy, in 3d sculpting I may end up simply casting them in silicone rubber and old fashioned 2-part resin.

How did you make the 3d files for the hands?


PS: If you have any good resources that you know of for ball jointed doll printables, let me know! I’m on the search for printable props as well, such as D&D inspired treasure chests, furniture (modern and old fashioned), swords, and other fun things that I can print and paint. for the dolls to interact with.


Thank you!

I actually modeled them in Solidworks and then sculpted over them to smooth it all out. Sometimes I use a file I set up with the palm+peg and separate fingers but, aside from the gripping hand, I can get away with just doing everything in meshmixer+sculptris.