Best 3rd party resin for snap fit parts for action figure

I am looking for the best 3rd party resin for snap fit parts for 4" action figures as Modeling Plus from Apply Lab Work is not available.

Thanks for your ideas

I must have bought it all up. :grinning: Just got 8 liters in the last week.
Contact them and ask what’s up. They will give you an idea when it’s ready.

They do not produce the Modeling Plus anymore. Discontinued without warning back in May/June. I got conflicting reports why it happened. From what I gather from multiple sources, it did not sell very well and some of the components on hand when bad. I have no idea if any or all of that statement is true. The week prior to discontinuing they sent me an email updating the form 2 printer settings for Modeling Plus. So it did seem unexpected even for some of their staff. Not to be confused with the Modeling that Walter uses. I use 40% Flex with 60% Grey Modeling. You can play around with the ratio. I actually prefer it to the old Modeling Plus. Formlabs Tough is very nice as well but did not fair as well in my post process clean up. I use DPM now in sonic cleaners. I make 6-7 inch action figure parts.

Thanks for the sugestions and the possible mixture of Flex and Grey. Will try this.
@Jundie - what kind of action figure parts are you producing? Do you show them on a website or social media?
Which settings for the 40/60 mix are you using for the prints to be successfull?

Grey v4

Seems that your buying superpowers have stopped before Europe :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I just received today my ALW Modeling Plus from from Netherlands :muscle:

Could everybody of you still help me out again please

The enclosed document from ALW says I can only use it with a Form 2 printer but somewhere in this forum I saw that Form 1+ is capable as well (but cannot find this post) - which settings do I need to use? Any special recommendations for post-processing?

Does anybody know what the batch number says in detail? Like manufacturing date, etc?


Peter, contact Kevin Chen at ALW here’s his email address:
Kevin is my sales rep and has worked with me on any issues I’m sure he can help you on this.


Seriously, I don’t remember. About six months ago I believe. I’ve used resin older than that with no issues.

Thanks. Will do this

Have had the chance to print snap fit parts with ALW Modeling Plus on my Form 1+ with Preform 2.0.2. and profile for Formlabs Tough Resin V1 with 0.1mm layer height.

Snap fit parts were
Modibot parts
Tinkerplay parts

Resin smells a lot like printing ABS on an FDM machine and one needs good ventilation to get it out of the room after pouring it in the vat and during/after printing. Once the lid is on the vat after printing the smell disappears after ventilating the room.

Good things first:
ALW Modeling Plus prints well with the above profile and with very good dimensional accurancy. Level of detail is good. Modibot and Tinkerplay parts snap well together and move like needed.

Average things:
After IPA and water bath and 30 min curing under UV light (nail UV lamp) and 1 hour in sun light under water resin is still sticky. I think this is related to my rushed set up and can be improved.

During snapping of supports I cracked a Tinkerplay part - need to use Dremel instead as snapping always puts a lot of stress on the parts.

Snapping in an existing black resin ball part broke the ALW socket - maybe because of over curing

All in all I am quite happy with the results. Have asked ALW whether it might be better to move to OpenFL.