'Toyetic' Resin?

Recently I’ve mostly been printing in a 50/50 blend of Durable/80A and it’s been SO GOOD. It has a really nice PVC-y handfeel and is so, so satisfying when used for pop-in ball joints. I’ve loved Durable for years, but this has quickly overtaken it in terms of preference, It’s ideal for action figures and dolls.

Any chance Formlabs could release that blend as an off-the-shelf resin? Either in translucent, or flesh-tone and grey? I can see folks finding other uses for it as well, it’s more durable and impact resistant than Durable and the flex/hold is great for joints.

Please Formlabs it’s so GOOD


Am I right and you were printing this on a Form2 but not with Open Mode?
Which resin are you choosing for the print parameters then?
I’d be willing to try this with on a Form3

Interesting! I’m seconding the “which resin did you print it as?” question.

I use the Durable settings on my Form2, I know the power settings are different on the Form3 so I can’t advise for that. Durable seems to have higher energy requirements than 80A to cure so I went with that and it prints about as well as pure Durable.

Durable, 25microns, in an LT tank.

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