Mixing resins to get charactersitics of both?

Has anyone tried doing this with Formlabs(or any brand) resins? Say mix durable with grey pro to kind of get the benefits of both? Does this even work or is this bad practice? I’m curious if anyone has tried it successfully.

I have models I want to print that have some thin featured joints, but Durable doesn’t print thin features well at all, but I need some of the durability so that the thin features aren’t brittle. If I mixed say color kit with durable, would this achieve both goals?

I think your logic makes sense, the tricky part is getting the curing intensity correct.

Check out this older thread exploring the same idea with the F1+

I’ve seen people mix durable and flexible to get “duraflex” and durable and tough to get “duratough” with generally decent success, but I am not sure what material settings they use.

A little late, but any info on the duraflex mix, ie settings and mix ratios? With the color-neutral Flexible A80 out now I’m interested in making a slightly softer Durable mix.