Mixing Durable and Standard resin - Anyone tried?

Has anyone tired a mixture of durable and standard resin? I am trying to find the perfect resin for miniatures. I have been using Standard grey and the resolution is great, however, it is just a little bit too brittle. Arms, fingers, weapons, ankles tend to break. I have had one of my model printed in Durable resin and the physical properties are great, however, the resolution isn’t great and the supports are difficult to remove. Ideally midway point between the two resins. Before spending the money to try it myself I figured I might check if anyone else has.

I think folks have done a similar mix before! I’ll see if I can track down the specific forum thread for you if that’s where I saw it. :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t that a Black + Tough mix? 33% tough and 66% black?

This one:


Thanks! I though I have seen some here is the past, which is why I am inquiring. I can’t seem to find any of the previous discussions about it though.

That’s definitely one as well, but I could have sworn I’d seen one that involved Durable.

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I did play a bit with durable and high temp and there is a topic about it. Can’t find many other topics related to durable resin mixing.

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Thanks everyone. I might just have to try myself. The one big issue I have before trying is that I have no idea what the exposure profile for Durable is. Since its somewhat translucent, I might try it with clear and see how it goes