Clamp Durability

So I’m printing this awesome clamp from thingiverse( and standard resin broke on the first drop of 3 feet from my table onto concrete!!! Looks like it’s time for some durable!

how do I put that image inline?

Are you curing the parts? Standard will shatter, but it can be made a bit stronger. Tough definitely needs to be cured or it will be fairly bendy and it will deform under a static load. (Even cured, under static load it will definitely over time.)

I think others have had success with 3rd party resins that have more rigidity than Tough without the shattering of Standard, but I’ve never tried any of them.

I haven’t tried it before but from my understanding, Durable resin is the best for this job. Tough could work but I think Durable would be the best.

Standard resins are indeed a bit brittle. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try a 50/50 mix of clear and tough. I would still print the parts that have teeth and threads in Tough as Durable probably will deform more under constant load.

What would this mix bring? Less tough than tough, more tough than std?

I believe the goal was to make a more stiff “tough” and therefore a less brittle “clear”

Oh, I haven’t thought about curing the standard.

I have 0 bottles of durable, and 3 bottles of tough… ahha

Curing your parts with just UV will make them about twice as strong, with UV at 60c, about 3x.

According to the FL white paper, tensile strength of Clear Standard goes from 3000 psi to about 10,000 psi when cured at 60c with a 405nm UV light for an hour (it only goes to about 5500 if cured at 25c with 405nm light). The modulus improvement is similar (about 130ksi to about 420).

(Temperature is really important. I’m looking forward to my Cure because it will make everything I’ve printed at least 2x stronger.)

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Interesting. I did not know about this. Time to upgrade my UV cure box :wink: