Hard Resins

I’m looking for a resin thats strong but can flexible
Ive printed it out of tough 1500 and was told it wasn’t hard enough. I then printed it out of rigid 1000 and it was way to brittle… any recommendations?
Its for a fold over clip
Reference the below

Not sure, but Durable might be a solution as it allows for some flexing while still being somewhat strong.

Ive printed with that one
I was remembering flexible but couldnt remember how strong it was

I think they want a combo of rigid and durable

Hi @jcamper,

Thanks for getting in touch! Based on your description, I would recommend Durable or potentially Tough 2000. You can check out our Materials Hub to compare various material properties.

I really think the tough 1500 material is the best for this application buy may buy the durable and tough 1500 to see

I’d suggest Durable because if you were to buy this item off the shelf it would probably be from PP material.
Durable mimics PP, you need flexibility for this item.

Tough 2000 is pretty hard, and quite flexible too. It handle impacts pretty ok. I think together with durable can be a good candidate, depends how much flexibility do you need.

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either Tough 2K or Durable is likely the resin you want, Durable has a bit more flex, but not an awful lot more. can you share your model?

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share our new Materials Hub on our website that would be very helpful for comparing and contrasting resins, along with searching for key characteristics of our resins. Be sure to click the “Filter” button at the top left of the page to see all the new options we have for searching and parsing our resins.

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