Harder resin

I have durable resin and form 2 .i need ro print a little harder objects with this resin.what could I do for it? Please let me know.

If you’re looking for an especially stiff resin, we just launched Rigid Resin which is glass-filled and our stiffest material yet. Have you tried out the Standard Resins? Those will likewise be stiffer than Durable Resin and might be suitable if you don’t need the level of stiffness associated with Rigid Resin.

I tried standard resin.it is very hard.i need a little harder prints with durable resin.(mix another resin etc. ?)

If you need material that’s harder than Durable have a look at the tough resin. It won’t work for living hinges like Durable but it will be harder.

Nothing will have the impact resistance of a molded polypropylene or ABS part at this time.

You could also print a mold and cast with a hard urethane.