3rd Party Flesh Tone Durable Resin?


Kind of a weird question, but are there any 3rd Party resins with properties close to the Formlabs Durable AND that are available in a flesh tone? Cost is less of an issue than physical qualities and color.

I’ve been making these little action figures and I love working with the Durable resin, but it would save me a ton of time to be able to just print the figures in a base flesh tone. The slight translucency of colored resin vs dead opaque paint would also be nice.


I don’t know if there are resins out there that meet your goal, but, on a vaguely similar level of risk to using a 3rd-party resin (no warranty expressed or implied), Formlabs Durable resin may have some tolerance for you playing with the color simply by mixing in some pigments.

It might be a lot of work if you want to get repeatable color across multiple cartridges, in terms of dialing in your own recipe and testing to make sure it prints, or you might just get the results you want right away. If consistency isn’t super important (after all, there’s a lot of possible flesh tones), you could even vary your pigments print-to-print to get some different tones.


I’m not sure I would agree that 3rd party resins have a similar level of risk, considering the resins themselves are formulated by chemists instead of mixed blind by a layman. Durable resin has radically different properties than the standard resin, and from what I’ve seen folks have had a lot of printing issues when they attempt to color the durable.

Are there any companies offering custom mixes at all? even if I have to mess with print settings, it would still be a great step up from just hoping pigments are chemically compatible.

EDIT: Has anyone had experience printing Anycubic resin through a Form2?


I’m also looking for this exact thing. Has OP had any luck finding a resin that fits the bill?


I’ve had generally good luck so far tossing mineral pigments into Durable resin in an LT tank, but I haven’t gone for a flesh tone yet. Maybe I’ll get ahold of some yellow ochre, umber, red iron oxide, and titanium dioxide and take a pass at it?


I have seen some folks using Smooth-On So Strong pigments so I’ll be testing that. I’ll be trying to match Formlabs Dental Model resin, which I’ve been using for parts that don’t have the same mechanical qualities.


Glad to hear it. Did you find a 3rd party resin that is comparable to FL Durable yet?


Not yet unfortunately