3rd party liqcreate resin

I recently found this new company liqcreate, which claims to provide resins for my form2. Bought a sample of their glow in the dark resin. Last week I printed the resin in GreyV3 100 micron settings and the print looks quite good. The parts are glowing very strong after a few minutes in my nail spa (sorry for the quality of the photo’s).

Has anybody tried any of their other resins?

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First I’ve heard of them or glowing resin. A few of us have been working directly with Applylabwork on their resins with great success. V2-V4 compatible resins would make automated use of 3rd party resins a breeze. Can you test the fine detail quality?

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@cjryker06 do you have any specific benchmark files for fine quality?

I don’t, but some thing similar in size to what you displayed. Maybe with some smaller features like a mini figure. It says my image is too large so I can’t show you the one I have.

i thought this would be a good file for detail. printed it in open mode with liqcreate deep blue resin with grey v3 50 micron settings. details look quite good.

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Very nice. I like that blue color too.

So what do you think about using an empty cleaned out Formlabs resin container and filling it with 3rd party resin

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This is the subject of a couple other threads actually. It would be up to someone with this resin and the cartridge to see how well it fills and if it overflows the vat. The process seems to be solid for the blue resin so I’d say go for it. It isn’t as easy as refill and go most of the time though.

i don’t know, don’t have a V3 Grey cartridge at this moment. i think i will wait for someone else to try it first.
Doesn’t the cartridge count how much you use and blocks when it is done? any idea where to buy cheap cartridges to try this?

I buy used ones and vats from people on here, Facebook and eBay.
The cartridge doesn’t get blocked for like 2.5L of use. Then on another thread on here, there has been a device created to reset them which we hope to also program them with later.