New third party resin: Siraya Form

Just noticed this pop up on their site a couple weeks ago, and decided to order a couple liters and give it a go in my Form 2.

I’ve used their resins for years on my MSLA machines, and have absolutely loved them, and this one is no exception!
Currently around $50/L and works well with the Grey v4 or Dental LT profiles in open mode.

I’ve printed almost an entire liter of it so far. When originally testing it with the Grey V3/V4 profiles, I noticed a small amount of over-curing (a 10mm cube came out ~10.4mm in X and Y, and 10.0-10.1mm in Z). After speaking with their support, they suggested trying the Dental LT profile, and it is much better (~10.1mm).

I am using a standard tank, and have noticed absolutely zero fogging with the siraya resin so far, which is a lot more than I can say about the Photocentric resin that I previously used (first print fogged the PDMS so much that it was unusable in that area, and I had to just keep moving around until it was all used up).

The detail is great, and it’s a nice dark grey color.
When I spoke with tech support, they mentioned they just kinda jumped in feet first with this one, not knowing how much interest there would be in it, and they mentioned that if interest is there, they might bring their Blu (very tough, strong resin, similar to Formlabs’ Tough) and High Temp resins over into the laser-side too. If any one else has interest, definitely let them know!


My first print with Siraya Tech Form in the Form3 using standard Grey V4 settings has turned out well.

Do you have pictures? Did you fill an empty cartridge?

Hi Ratmandu. Thank you for sharing your experience in using cheaper resin substitutes. Even the wealthiest of my customers go to great lengths to have me print when I take original formlabs resin for the calculation. Competitors leave me far behind when it comes to prices. That’s why I look for substitutes. I am currently looking for a resin for injection molding. Do you have any experience with using Siraya Sculpt Ultra White? If this type of resin could be used in Formlabs then I can have 5 times lower prices. That would be great!

I do have experience with Siraya Sculpt Ultra.
Do note, that Sculpt Ultra IS NOT DESIGNED to work in the formlabs printers.
Siraya Form is the only resin (so far) that siraya makes that will work properly in the formlabs printers.

It will, however, work really well in pretty much any of the less expensive mSLA/LCD printers, like the Mars, Photon, etc lines.

Thank you for your quick response. It helped me a lot. I did not buy a resin that I could not use. Therefore, can you recommend me some inexpensive material that I can use for injection molding? I have Form 3L therefore the minimum order is two cartridges. Assuming the price of Formlabs High Temp resin, I can say that it is cheaper to have the molds milled on CNC than to have them printed. For the price to be acceptable to the market the cost of the material must be at least half as expensive.

Have you looked at ApplyLabWork? They have a lot of compatible resins at lower cost.

I unfortunately don’t know of any high-temperature resins compatible with the formlabs machines which would be suitable for injection molds. After my last machine failure, I have decided to give up on formlabs products, since they are embarrassingly expensive to repair, nearly impossible to get replacement parts for, have far more print failures (in my experience), and are simply less capable and much slower than much less expensive mSLA printers, which have a much wider range of resins available for non-extortionist-level prices.

I, after my experiences with the Form 3L, am also leaning towards replacing the printer. For Form 3L you need to buy 2 cartridges of resin because otherwise it won’t run. For two new resins you have to buy a new resintank. Adding up 2 Formlabs Hightemp cartridges and one resintank I have a new 8k LCD printer and a resin supply.

resin prices are the biggest drawback of form printing

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If you’re printing on open mode with this one, do you need to preheat the resin? In the past I had to use a baby bottle warmer to get it up to printing temp.

Hey guys I might be late to the party, I hear you on Formlabs resin prices. Specially because other companies can sell resin thats compatible for half the cost. It would make a lot more sense if the machines we purchases where half of the price so lets say 6,000 for the Form 3L. Then the company would makeup the money selling the resin. But the machine is 12k USD plus warranty if you want and that can go another 2-4k. Long story short I have tried ApplyLabWork Grey compatible resin and noticed that I dont get as much detail in my prints. So I went back to using FormLabs Grey at double the price. Let me know if you have any questions would love to help.

The biggest problem with form printing is the cost of resin.