New third party resin: Siraya Form

Just noticed this pop up on their site a couple weeks ago, and decided to order a couple liters and give it a go in my Form 2.

I’ve used their resins for years on my MSLA machines, and have absolutely loved them, and this one is no exception!
Currently around $50/L and works well with the Grey v4 or Dental LT profiles in open mode.

I’ve printed almost an entire liter of it so far. When originally testing it with the Grey V3/V4 profiles, I noticed a small amount of over-curing (a 10mm cube came out ~10.4mm in X and Y, and 10.0-10.1mm in Z). After speaking with their support, they suggested trying the Dental LT profile, and it is much better (~10.1mm).

I am using a standard tank, and have noticed absolutely zero fogging with the siraya resin so far, which is a lot more than I can say about the Photocentric resin that I previously used (first print fogged the PDMS so much that it was unusable in that area, and I had to just keep moving around until it was all used up).

The detail is great, and it’s a nice dark grey color.
When I spoke with tech support, they mentioned they just kinda jumped in feet first with this one, not knowing how much interest there would be in it, and they mentioned that if interest is there, they might bring their Blu (very tough, strong resin, similar to Formlabs’ Tough) and High Temp resins over into the laser-side too. If any one else has interest, definitely let them know!


My first print with Siraya Tech Form in the Form3 using standard Grey V4 settings has turned out well.

Do you have pictures? Did you fill an empty cartridge?