First prints, made into a 1/6 scale figure with joints


Here’s the first figure i made based on Neytiri from the movie Avatar (supposed to go next to the Jake Sully figure done by Hot Toys). All the parts are printed on the Form1+ printer and then assembled.
The figure is done in the 1/6th scale and is 44 cm tall. The head has three different faces to choose from that can be removed and reinstalled. The eyes are not from the printer, they are hand blown glass puppet eyes. All parts are hollow and printed in white. Used Rit dye to give it a blue as a base to paint the figure over.
Havent printed a tail yet, would like to try the new flexible material for that when it gets out.
Also made a few extra hands in different positions and accesoires like the knife and bow.Except for the faces i printed at 1mm. Mostly to reduce time! Might try adding some more detail and give it another go.

Some of the printed parts:

Its not perfect, for example some joints are a little loose or dont rotate perfectly. Will make some adjustments and have another go. Still, it was awesome to be able to print this at home!
Cant wait to see it painted and in a nice outfit!


Fantastic Work…

I show you on OSW… :wink:

Thanks! Nice to see that there are other 1/6 warriors here :smiley: