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Iron Man takes off in my 1st print!

My wife and I run an online toy store called Luke’s Toy Store, where we sell small block figures called Minimates. One of the main reasons I bought a Form 1 was to make custom items for these figures. The printer arrived yesterday, and my first print was a set of launching stands for Iron Man. I am very happy with how it turned out. This was printed at 0.25mm using the gray setting. It took just over 6 hours. In one of the pictures you will see that I overlapped the support bases in order to save on resin, which worked great.

I’m not supposed to have favorites, but Iron Man was my favorite super hero growing up. This is cool!

That turned out great!!

I don’t get why you would print that with support structures? Couldn’t you just put it flat down and print it? There is no overhangs on that model that I see.

I thought it would be best to put the base at an angle to get a better texture on it. I will try it once without the support structures at no angle and see what happens.


Ah! Minimates! I thought the name of the store looked familiar. :slight_smile:

Nice print, and such a great idea. I gotta forward this to my friend; he’s a huge Iron Man fan, so he’ll get a big kick out of this. ^_^)

Yup! Forwarded link and mini iron man to my daughter as well (who is now a Form1 user extraordinaire :slight_smile: ). Thanks for sharing your great work, I’m excited to someday be able to make some cool stuff from a Form1, for now my daughter is having all the fun :(.

So awesome

That. Is. Awesome.

Augmenting existing things with new, custom things is good to begin with, but at the quality and resolution we have of the Form 1 is just taking the concept to an entirely new level. Rock on!

So cool !! Rock on indeed ! :wink:

Awesome! clean surface!!!  Your accessory makes the Ironman cool.

Thanks guys!

I tried printing one with no supports. You will notice 2 differences - the horizontal texture on the long repulsor blast, and the thicker base on the bottom. The plus side is no little stubs from the supports to cut off!