My first small test prints :)

Hi all

I’ve just got my form 1 and I’m still learning the ropes and this is the results from my first test prints, there not perfect but I’m pretty happy so ill be upping the size and rez soon and then I will get my airbrush out and see what I can get from the form 1



What layer height did you print them at?

HI Steve

Thanks for the feedback, they are both printed at th mid 0.5 layer height, at about 2 inches tall, i have some black resin now so i will try them a little larger and at the higher layer rez, ill post them when done with some better photos and after ive taken the airbrush to them :smile:

Are they both your own work?

I would love to be able to model like that.


You got much better first results than I did! YIKES! Good for you though.

Should you want to make S Scale (1/64) Dachshunds in various positions I am all ears! I would buy them from you,