My Printed Animals

Today I’ve unpacked my Form1+ and started my first print. The first try went wrong. The base didn’t sticked to the platform, but the second try came out nearly perfect! I’m very happy with this result and I love to show it to you!

The Kirk’s Dik-Dik 1/12:

I’m absolutely happy with the ears and the horns. The ears are only 0,2 mm thick and the tips of the horns even 0,1 mm. They are perfectly printed!

Hope to show you soon some other animals.


Nice!!! Looks like it printed great! What resolution did you print at and did you hollow your model?

Thanks! Yes, it’s hollow and I use the 0,025 mm resolution.

cute! I love dik-diks! oh the joy of ones first print, its so exciting! I learned from my very first print not to make the model too hollow, you get holes otherwise :stuck_out_tongue: good luck on all future prints :smiley: