My biggest sculpture prints

So I have been working on a series of sculptures “abstract animals” for some months now, the peices range from 6"-12"

they all have smooth surfaces so gluing them together is a bit of a pain, a LOT of sanding and work to make sure you can’t see any seams. my work can be viewed at


Beautiful artwork design and execution!
Really nice Job

Wow, these are amazing!

Thank you so much, thats really kind

thank you so much!

I love these.

Stunningly gorgeous!

Thank you!

Oh wow, thank you so much!

Very nice work Sasha. I have a question - on parts that require multiple prints such as these, how are you finding the tolerances / dimensional accuracy of the printer? Do they fit together nicely or is it a lot of work just to get them flush to each other (i.e. Before even removing the seam)

It would be great to know your experiences. Please also let me know if you are on a 1+ or 2. Thx!

thank you :slight_smile: For smaller prints they seem to fit together better, but for large ones such as these, not as much, I have to do a lot of sanding and filling to make each piece smooth, really it seems to depend on the pieces, some fit better than others. but i am using Madesolid plastic instead of Form labs plastic, and the former does seem a bit inferior tho I don’t know if that would make a difference in dimensional accuracy. I use the Form1+ ~