KoraxArt Digital Sculpt & 3D Print

Hey Formalbs Community,
I lurked for looooong time in this forum, seeing the fantastic creation of community and gathering useful information about the form1 +, so two mounths ago I bought the printer and now it’s time to show the failures and successes that i have collected, with you !

Start with baby groot, one of the first thing I printed, ALL the model you’ll see in this thread are sculpted by me :smile:

All the workflow, printed in grey resin at 50 micron, then primer and hand painted :

If anyone is interested in the digital part of the sculpture I have a video where I show the workflow in ZBrush from scratch.
Next thing, it’s time for my first fail, Bust of Majin Bu :

And the first print test ( grey resin 100 micron ) :

The support is not good and same for the position, air can’t go out and with the help of the support ( Thanks Nicholas ) we change the position and add another hole and the results now it’s pretty good ( always 100 micron - grey resin - 65mm ) :

aaaaaaaand my design of baby-toothless, sculpted, printed at 50 micron with supports made directly in ZBrush and hand painted :

I also tried to open a shop on Etsy with my creation where you can see more photos:
KoraxArt Creation Etsy

mmmm, I think I wrote too much sorry :smiley:

Now I sculpting some organic pendant and I’ll try the castable resin, and also as soon as possible Ill join the " Printer’s namesake Contest " here with my animal … Ancient Moose !!

I’ll update this thread, so… see you soon !


aawww… the dragon! :smile:
Really nice

Great work @Valerio_Korax

Awesome work. It’s great to see how much the Majin Bu bust improved with the new orientation (great explanatory diagram too). You don’t even see any support marks in the photos!

Hey guys thanks !

@Paul_Schommer My first ( and only ) love is ZBrush, I use this program for all the model you’ll see in this thread, as you can see in one of my timelapse ( in this case for baby-groot ) : Baby-Groot SpeedSculpt

And yes @JasonLivingston in the first moment I think the problem is the printer and I cried like a kid hahahaha, but after talking with Nicholas from support I tried some change in ZBrush and in the preform sw and … here we go !

Ah… have a question for you, can I edit the first post of this thread for future print/test/model without create a new thread each time ? And the thread go up ( to make it clear that it was updated ) or I need to reply ?

Nothing, I need to add a reply for updated the thread, so…
Today I start the sketch for my Form1 Animal, It’s a fast blockout of anatomy and base shapes, the idea is a BIG, OLD, BADASS ANCIENT MOOSE that guard my printer :

Next step is refining the form, sculpt the horn and fur… and I think some scars …
Of course C&C are welocome


Ok, so the Digital Sculpt of my Ancient Moose is done, take a look :

But I have NO IDEA where is the best place to make the cut for print, the total height will be 54mm and i want hollowed the central body, so I think I’ll need to cut the head and horn… anyone have a good suggestion ? Feel free to use the image below with all views :

Thanks all !

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It looks great! Generally, separating out any horns or antlers and using square tapered pegs (as you did with the Majin Bu bust) is a good first step. It gives you a good spot for a drain hole and avoids having to use a lot of internal supports.

I’ve also found that 4 legged animals tend to print well standing on all 4 legs (or tilted such that they’re rearing on the back legs with the front legs off the ground). This puts the support tips on the belly where they’re less likely to be seen.

If you still need to split up a model of an organic creature I would suggest splitting it along natural features like creases in musculature or hair to give you a more complicated split line, which is easier to align and glue and disappears into the final object.


Thanks Jason !

As you said I cut off the horns, also I cut the fur on top for save material and hollowed the body ( the drain hole are under the fur on top and under the belly ).
I decided to print it upside down because I don’t want supports on the fur near hooves and neck and the final result is pretty nice !
( 50 micron, black resin )

Now I rly need to run for remove the support, refining & polish and primer ( maybe paint one day when I have more time… )

-Edit: Here we go, in the week-end I finished my Printer Keeper, he’s a big, old and rusty Moose !
Final height : 76mm , alot of hand finishing and Primer with light grey fine surface primer for see all these detail, I love the final result and ofc I’ll paint it. here’s my entry :

and a more distant photo :

Yeah finally I’m IN !


Hiding the drain hole under a separate piece of the neck fur was a smart choice. I think my favorite part is the stone you included under the hoof — it really makes for a dynamic pose!

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hahahah thanks, usually I love add a little piece of environment in my sculptures for create a good feeling with pose.

The hole under the neck-fur work rly well and no one will ever see :wink:

It’s time to test some Castable Resin with one of my pendant sculpture, 25 micron resolution, the result is pretty nice :

And this is the result directly after the cast ( only a bit of sanding on the front part )
you can see in the back part the sprue of the casting process but the results is impressive !

Now I’m w8ing the help of a friend for some real post processing and refining :smiley: (… I have no idea how to clean the piece lol )

Edit : A pull for animal contest is up ! Go to this link : Poll: Printer Namesake Contest, Forum Favorite - and don’t forget to vote for your favorite


@Valerio Thanks for posting this!
It’s great to see what the cast piece looks like.

Hey Valerio!

Thank you so much for posting all this wonderful info about your experience so far with your Form 1+! I can already tell that your becoming a master of this Form 1+!

This Dragon Pendant you created with the castable resin looks incredible. Also I cant forget to mention this beautiful moose model you created for the contest entry! Bravo Valerio!

After seeing your post here I wanted to reach out and thank you again for all the work you did while troubleshooting and for being apart of our community here at Formlabs!

I cant wait to see what you will create next!


Formlabs Support Engineer