New Form2_ My Print Results

Hello Form2 Forum,
I’ve purchased my Form 2 several months ago and just have been making test runs with some personal sculpts.
I’ve grew up watching old black & white monster movies and wanted to do a Creature of the Black Lagoon homage. Here is Creature in T Pose bust

Software I’m using is Zbrush of course. After rigging, I have him posed and began creating a base

I did minimal prep. I hollowed out the model in Zbrush and sent to Preform to Print Started small. .

I had some minimal material drop out around the hand webbing and the support structure Preform creates can be dense (I’ve lost a lot of creature thumbs) Overall, the machine has performed excellent!

My ultimate goal is to make this sculpt a 1 foot high kit. I’m still finishing the alpha detail then will cut into sections and add pins for the final. Will also try and print with black resin.

With the encouraging results I got from the Creature, I tried another sculpt I had.

Had to do some prep on the armor and hollow him out. Was blown away how well Form2 handled the chainmail.

I’ve had some print failures on occasion but for the most part things have worked well.

So many things I want to try now. It’s nice to finally physically hold your digital artwork! Will post more with future results. Thanks for your time.



These turned out great! Great work

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Very nice results, I’m surprised it could print the chainmail

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:
I agree, I was impressed how well it handled the chainmail. I seem to get the best results with a brand new tray. Looking forward to the glass aftermarket trays that are being made now.

I had another example of how well this machine captures detail.

When I first got my printer, I was running many model through it without prepping them (Hollowing, making sure there are no air pockets, etc) I had a Cthulu creature I had done for rendering purposes. Model was a mess, but the machine did a good job. The bat wings didn’t make with the supports, too thin. Look at the detail that was captured, even the tiny Rune held in his hands,! The tentacles too! Model is alittle over an inch high!


Are you realy Chuck Jones, are you working vor Half-Life? =D
NIce work and realy nice webpage!

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been concerned about my website looking dated lately. It’s like that old house with the tall grass in need of fixing up. Needs more 3D printing pictures! :smiley: