Creature 3D Print

Hello all,

I did a print of a Creature that was sculpted in Zbrush as part of Gio’s Master Class and based on concept from Carlos Huante. It is 7.5 inch tall/19cm.
Just wanted to share my results here with you all. I’m doing some small touch ups. I’ll share more soon…

You can follow my blog and website and see some higher res photots and renders of the 3d model:

Please let me know your thoughts.


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Hi Marco,

Very impressed. I have experimented with Zbrush and 3d printing. was it grey resin and did you have problems with the cued resin getting very brittle after a few days,

All the best Dave.

Hello. Was this Form 2?

Yes, form 2, grey resin. When first printed the resin is quite flexible, a good time to remove from the supports. Then within a couple of days it’s very brittle. I’ve dropped a print from about 6 inches on to a table top and the figure of an Abbot monk snapped off at the ankles.

These prints are only 28mm high.

Thanks Dave! I appreciate it!
It was printed in clear resin and then I did a primer coat on top. So far all the prints came out without and difficulties. This is my 3rd attempt, you can check my other smaller ones on my website:


Hi lukepighetti, It was printed on form2 0.5 microns layer