3 New Creature Bust

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to post some images of my latest 3d prints. They will be in display this weekend at monsterpelooza 2015 come by and check them out. I will be posting some more images soon of the build.


WoW compliments! Really wonderful pieces! and wha great painting.
How tall they are?

Thanks Matt, They are about 8-9.5 inches tall . I printed them in 2-3 pieces and keyed them.

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Hi and thanks, Miguel.
I suppose they are hollowed: in my experience I found that from 2 to 1 mm wall thichness give me nice results. Did you set the wall thichness at these values or bigger?
Thanks and regards,

Hey MattlaMercanteI think i set my value to be big since i hollowed these models in meshmixer

Heres and update on what the finish products look like with some airbrushing.

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