HULK Model

Recieved the form 2 a few weeks ago and it is pretty good!

No fails so far…

Here is my work.

I hope you like it!


wow that is impressive, nice work on the painting

That’s insane!!! Nicely done, thanks for sharing!

very cool!!

I’m Happy for formlabs to have the model to show at the show. :slight_smile:

They will need to arrange collection from London.

Please let me know

Where can I find a detailed tutorial on how to paint my models?

Hello David,

great work!
And he is really big. Is it all solid?

I really don’t want to hijack your thread but today I started a print of a superhero too, on my new Form 2. It’s a garden gnome superhero I modelled many, many years ago.
I had to realize that an enclosed hollow space was ignored by the printer resp. PreForm.
So I made two openings across the feet.
The figure is just 65 mm tall and layer thickness was 0,05.


No Probem Schoner

great work! I do like it.

The Hulk is around 23cm tall. Hollowed the walls it to 1.1 mm

I have made it in 4 sections. Less parts than that and you are looking into trouble.

I did Primer the Hulk first and painted it with Humbrol modeling paint .

I’m still working on it hopefully It will be finished soon.



This is my experience: 28 cm. tall, 4 sez. 24 hours, 387 gr. with resin, ad the lowest resolution.

tall 28 cm., 9 sez. 32 hours , 314 gr. white resin low resolution.

After 40 hours has formed a crust in the tank

Thanks, David, for the explanation.
Have you sanded the model first of all or is the layer structure wiped out by the paint?

I use Humbrol, some Citadel, and lately I have been mixing my own from Michaels, I use an airbrush and have gotten quite good at thinning, I find that if you get a good even primer base any paint will look good.

Hi Yes I did sand it a little bit. Also the primer gets rid off/ Hiding the majority of print layers

Great models Gianni!