My first print - Man Thing Reborn

So…After Years of yearning and waiting, and scrimping and saving, I finally bought my Form 2. I have spent the past decade creating printed assets for others, and troubleshooting files for output. Always on someone else’s machines. Well, this is my first print on my own machine


Marvel’s Man Thing

Not one bad print. I do 99% of my modeling in Zbrush. This is a dream come true.

Thanks to all the genius’s at Formlabs.

Derek Pendleton


HOT Marvel Action!!!

How high is the print? Did you also hollow it from the inside?

The model is about 14 inches tall. The base was 4 pie slices, and the water was printed in 2 halves. The water fits into the top of the base like the lid on a pot.

The figure is 5 big parts, arms, legs, head, and torso. The plants on his back were separate parts. All parts are hollow with several drain holes. All together, the print time was about 120 hours.



Amazing, @Carver!!


The connect points are invisible.
Great design work

Well…Are they? That has more to do with using the resin to glue the parts, instead of epoxy or CA. If you “Weld” the parts with the resin and a UV flashlight, then when you blend the 2 parts via sanding, they are a homogenized part. I actually don’t sand too much. I either chase the welds with super fine Die Sinker Riffler files, or a steel ball cutter with a flex shaft machine. Abrading the surface sticks out like a sore thumb. But if you cut it there is very little visual “noise” in the weld.

Thanks to all for your responses. It is always great to get feedback.