Printing Monsters

Hey Guys, I just wanted to stop by and share my latest projects with you guys.
1st we have a little 6inch bust that I call Gene Mutation. I was very happy with the results of the print.
it was a 51 hour build.

Second we have the Embryo

Also if you would like to see more work in progress images make sure to check out my blog.

Thanks for looking.


very nice, printed at .05 or .025?

Hey Jason, These were both printed at 0.25

nice, did you print the teeth also ?
you pictures on your site ate cool. is the image with the many a picture of the casted model?

Awesome work man!!!

This is really awesome, i love the Gene Mutation bust !

Thanks guys for stopping by and checking this out. @Cesar_Rullier The teeth were printed as well but didn’t cast well. Yeah the picture with many was the grey resin copies I made

These are terrifying…and amazing!