Creature Print



Had the chance to print this cool creature for some friends of mine!

creator: Michael Conelly
3d modeler: the talented Anastasios Gionis
I just prepped it for printing, split it up into pieces and printed it!

-Just over 6 inches tall
-printed in 6 pieces.  Head, body, 2 arms, 2 legs
-grey .05 mm setting
-primered in grey, sanded, seams between pieces filled
-he was printed with holes in his feet and partially up his lower leg so that he is connected to the base by metal rods

-we plan to do a posed version down the road


Here are some of the progress pics…


That’s excellent work! I especially appreciate the work-in-progress images. Thanks for sharing.



Very nice work!

What’d you use to fill the seams?


Nice work


So cool!


The seams were filled with Apoxie Sculpt a self hardening 2 part putty.