Athlete Wrestling with a Python - First Print

Hi all,

It’s really exciting to join this community. I work for Propshop at Pinewood Studios (UK), creating digital props that get 3d printed and finished. Being able to print the models I make in my free time is unbelievable.

I’d like to share the WIP of my first project. This piece is an anatomy study I did over the past year, copying the work of Sir Frederic Leighton. I’m printing it in bits, still 3 prints to go. Unfortunately the legs failed today (tank not filled up properly, rookie mistake).

Here are the clear prints (head is .025 the rest is .05)

And started spraying it with a grey primer. Still needs to be sanded and glued, and after that an extra layer of primer should fix the seams:


First print eh? That looks brilliant… can’t wait to see the finished piece!

Regards, Jet 8 )

Beautiful work! Looking forward to the finished piece as well.

amazing… great work.

Very cool, make sure to post the final version!

Thanks for the kind words guys! :slight_smile: I’ll sit down and hopefully finish it this weekend. Will definitely post the images!

Hello again! The piece is progressing slowly, I have a couple of teaser images. It’ll be ready soon, hopefully in a day or two. The final one will be painted black like the plinth.

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That looks very cool. Did you use filler / putty at all ?
Can you tell us a little more about your post processing process? I am most interested to know about the surface finish quality you got with your print? did you get any bubbles or small ripples here and there?

Thanks !

Thanks Cesar! I used modeling clay to fill the model and correct the gaps where the pieces all joined together. I’m no expert, tried to sand it as much as I could, but it’s a first try. Hopefully I’ll get better at it :slight_smile: the models came out pretty clean from the form 1, I had some uncured bits on the base that kind of looked like bubbles, but nothing major.

The model is all finished now, I want to make a proper nice product shot, when it’s done, I’ll upload the image! :slight_smile:

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A bit late but here are the final images! It could’ve been better, but overall I’m really satisfied with the results and with the printer. Hopefully the next project will be even better! (already have an idea what the next print should be. Pretty big :slight_smile: )

Some more images on my Behance profile.


very nice. The rendering looks so “fake” after seeing the physical model lol. great work.
I notice some imperfection of the foot, hip, chest etc. Are those the way it printed? I am trying to really asses is there is something such as a perfect print.

Probably there’s no ‘perfect’ print, but most of my stuff came out really good. Unfortunately the black primer I used to coat the whole thing turned out to be really thick and it hides a lot of detail. I tried to coat it evenly, but I ended up lots of little noise-like features when it dried… Good experience, definitely will try to use something else next time.

The torso was my first print and that was absolutely perfect. Anything you see on the chest is the bad black primer. The legs and the hip area is a Frankenstein job… The legs failed several times while printing, so in the end I cut up the fails and glued them together. It’s five different pieces and some modelling clay stuck together…

Anyway some extra info: the size of the thing is 22 cm and the weight is about 450g

That is awesome. The fact that you went through of all that and still produced a nice piece in the end is great.

Really awesome work and results. Could you shrink it to one piece and sell it?

Thanks Josh. I was thinking of printing it in one piece… Slightly smaller. I’m not sure if it would look nice though. This size is really good, I fear that something smaller would just look like a silly toy. But will try it later on.

Do you think people would buy this? Quite a specific piece. It means a lot to me, but probably worthless for most.

I don’t know anything about art, but your piece is captivating, that’s got to be a very good. At the scale it is it is the focal point of a room, so the chances of selling multiples is probably not good. But if it fit on a desk, people love decorating their desks.

So incredible! Great work, David - looking forward to your next project.