Medusa Print


I had a chance to print this fun figure for my coworker Tim!

concept artist: Tim Lamb (he also sanded/assembled/painted)

3d Modeler: Mickaël Riciotti

I just made sure it was print ready (added solid geo to inner hair, closed all surfaces, etc), sliced it to pieces and printed!


-just over 8 inches tall

-grey .05mm

-printed in 4 main pieces… head with hair, main torso, lower body, left hanging arm

-snakes printed separately

-lower body is hollow

-primered in white

-I have printed a second one (not yet cleaned up) with more snakes, and the bottom angled differently so it sits a bit more at the angle Tim wants.

The reason I split it into the pieces I did, is because there were lots of somewhat complicated shapes and I wanted supports touching certain areas but not others.  By splitting it the way I did, I was able to orient the model so the supports on each piece touched areas easily cleaned or hidden. It does mean more patching of pieces together though.

Also, in most cases at the split I create a peg on one piece and the peg indent on the other so that way they register together somewhat more easily.  In the pic where I’m holding the torso together there is currently a bit of a big gap.  Once I cleaned off the supports from in there a bit better I was able to get a smaller seam.

The pics of the supports on this one were from the first print.  On the second print I ended up using less supports on all pieces and it still worked out well.  I still tend to lean towards too many supports for first try…

(these pics have no sanding)

Thats cool! Super weird but cool! You should do one with the rest of the body/tail though!

Really nice result! What primer are you using?

For this model I’m not sure which paint was used, but it’s one of the ones you can get at a hobby shop for painting miniatures, or rc cars.

I typically use PlastiKote Sandable Primer, that comes in grey, white or black.  It’s a little less fine of a spray then some miniature paints but still very good in my opinion. (i feel like typical primer from a hardware store goes on so thick it fills in any fine details)  PlastiKote is about $8 for a large can, and Tamiya (a good model spray paint) is usually around $11 for a medium can.

Looks very good!