Figure print!

Hey there all! Name’s Heriberto. I got my form +| two weeks ago and I’ve been printing and experimenting with it. I’m worried with the dust issue and some small ragging issues on some objects (That still worked out in the end) but for the most part I’ve been able to create great prints. The software and hardware are both amazing, although I find Preform’s complete disregard for scale in files more than just disturbing.

I decided to print my first large object destined for 3d reproduction: (So far, I’ve only printed miniatures) Here it is, in a rendered preview and piece breakdown.

let’s see how it comes out in a bit!

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In the morning: a 3d print is finished! gotta clean it up a bit.


Looks great! Can you show the parts cleaned up? :slight_smile:

This looks awesome, so far, can’t wait to see it cleaned and painted.

One priming layer and it’s already looking quite good. Time to patch up some small errors and Polish away.


Looking good. Though looks like you may need to sand off some parts smooth like the torso. The first coat of primer always shows this stuff up.

That it does! Just finished it and I’m casting it. Soon, We’ll have a cast to paint.