Hey there everyone! Name’s Heriberto and I mainly bought the Form 1+ for two things: To provide printing services to local artists, and to create a miniatures line. And our first figure is almost ready. Let me introduce you to her:

The design also includes an alternative head. she’saround 4 inch tall.

I had to re-sculpt some minor parts, and learned the value of hollowing as much as possible (Since she’s got sizeable hips: this area caused a large bubble to appear)

it comes with a base: cleaning it now.

Hope you like it! looking forward to comments on her and tips on how to make this better.


compliment for your work. Nice sculpting job and awesome printing process. Very tidy cuts and joints.
Are the pieces hollowed? seems not.

No they Were not Mattia. That was a mistake, large areas like the hips caused a bubble to appear. I had to resculpt that by hand: Which really, was easy. Good thing I learned with this. (That, and the base failed the first time around, I hadn’t known the fact you should not print flat). Very glad you like this.

Really nice work. I’m surprised on the bubbling of the hips as I print some rather large blocks, crates actually, and have no issue with them being solid.

  • Walt

Looks great.

I am curious, why would you place the supports on the sculpted side of the base?


Ehh… Beginners mistake. this was the third thing I printed with the form 1.

Ah, fair enough. Keep us updated!

I will! I believe I’ll attempt these two designs next.

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very nice looking prints!

These are great!
Can you post the finished model once it’s assembled?

I’m actually on that since Resin casts are finally coming out of the workshop! soon :smiley: