Be ready for printing, help with support

Hey Guys,
I watched the forum for about a year, now I ordered my Form1+ and while I’m waiting I sculpt some thing that i want to print for sell or just for fun, but I have some doubt about the support and if the resin can come out from my hollow models, so I ask for your help. Here the first 2 things i’ll print :

- And here the test inside the preform sw, I changed some settings and press generate, but why the initial part of the tail is red ? And the resin can come out from the hollow mesh ?

High Res Here

And this

Here do you think I need to separate the hollow vase from the baby groot ? Have any idea for another good position/rotation?

I would to avoid wasting resin for fail print or wrong support, so any tips & tricks are relly appreciated, thanks !

Those are awesome models. If you are going to make them hollow, be sure to put a hole or two at the bottom of your model, on the side closest to the build platform. That way, air and resin can escape and you won’t have blowouts.

The more parts you can separate from your model, the better your chances of a successful prints. Yes, remove the base/pot from the baby groot and print them separately.

Another tip is to use the layer slider in PreForm to go through layer by layer and make sure that no area is unsupported. It’s easy to spot them, because you will see the area in mid air not attached to anything. Sometimes the red shading doesn’t show everything, especially if they are small details that you have on the groot character.

I second Monger’s advice, hollow and in multiple parts is often the best way to print as it reduced the amount of material used to generate supports - it looks like you are using ZBrush and I’m sure you are aware it’s really simple to shell your model in there - I normally shell my models so that they’re around 1.5-3mm thick.

All of my prints here were around that thickness:

They are all multi-part prints as well, I use the resin (applied with an artists brush) and a laser pointer to glue them together, once painted you can hardly tell that they aren’t a single piece print.

Fantastic modelling by the way :smile:

First of all thanks for the tips, I’m totally noob in this area and I want to learn as much as possible, I really appreciate your help.

@Monger_Designs : I made changes to the model and I modified the preform file, separate the pieces and try to print
with different support setting, now I think is more good & easy to print, look :

@JasonSpiller : Yeps you’re right I did all in ZBrush, for majin bu I create a hole with subtractive mesh with dynamesh, and it’s around 2mm thick, but if you have a part with a total thickness of 5-8 mm, usually you make the holes ?

this will be the first thing that I’ll print :smiley:

It depends on shape and size. Most of the time if it’s big enough to make hollow then I make it hollow - you can always fill the hole with resin or other filler if required.

Hey again,
I received my printer and I did some test with Bu and baby groot, but since the first print some parts of the models come out with a strange patina on the surface and small holes. The tank is new and clean, and the mirror don’t have large dirt ( just micr-point that air blaster can’t remove ), look

Look at the difference between the face and the lower part of the body… have any idea ?
Also the first baby-groot come out nice

but second baby groot have the same problem of Bu for the entire model Q_Q

Any help is appreciated, I have many nice things to print and this type of error at the start kill me ^^

I’d try printing fewer objects at once. The Form1’s aren’t great at printing with a full platter.