3D print of a Samurai sculpture


Here below some pictures of one of the latest print I done: Samurai sculpted by digital artist Dan Ulirch (http://www.danulrich.com/2012/11/27/3-samurai/), 31 cm (12,3 inches) tall. Coated and varnished.

The character was completely printed with grey FormLab resin, the podium-ground made with a Replicator2 and details added by hand.

Hope you will like it :wink:
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OMG… speechless both with the artist and the printing / finishing!


This is phenomenal! Thanks for sharing.


Very nice work.


His expression is so good! Also is it a bad sign that the rope on his right arm kind of looks like the formlabs logo to me?


Hello and thanks for the comments.
@Jennifer: hehe now that you point me at that detail, I can see the FL logo, too.
But is a coincidence :wink:
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Though, in general I’m not a huge fan of sculptures, I can only say this blew me away! What a fantastic sculpture and a fantastic pint! The details are amazing and I can hardly believe what I’m seeing! Absolutely phenominal work! Just wow!

I believe that you and Dan Ulrich should team up and create more of these amazing artworks :slight_smile:


This is spellbinding work. The photos really give it life.

I wonder how many prints it took to make? It would be fascinating to know how something this complex comes together.


Thanks for the replies dear Alex and Will.
@ Will: the amount of separated prints are 46 plus the ground (1 piece). So total are 47 separated prints. They are mainly glued with the FormLabs resin and cured with laser pen. Sometimes I putted a little drops of glue to keep in position the pieces before use the resin and laserpen.
Soon I will post some “in progress” photos.
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Very nice sculpt!!! From top to bottom!!


Best art I have seen all day. NICE WORK!


Hello, here some pics of the unpainted pieces, before mounting.


Wow!!! Amazing work!..What software did you use for modeling? @MattiaMercante


Dan Ulirch have sculpted it, I guess in ZBrush software.
I’ve modified the original meshes and edited, cutted, decimated, with 3D editing software (included MeshLab).


this is beautiful.


Incredible sculpt and print!


I’m curious as to how delicate the piece is?


well the piece was quite delicate. When I sent it via delivery service into a well protected box, some small pieces (if I remember correctly were a couple of ropes) arrived broken. But the client could fix it with few glue drops.

I am curious to print it again with the new strong grey resin…

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How easy is it to paint?


Hi. quite easy, with acrylic colors. All done with brushes. Need at least a couple of “hands” of color.