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3D print of a big bear sculpture


I want to share with you the final result of  the assembling of 7 different pieces and glued with resin + laser pointer.
It is 33 cm tall (approx 13 inches), printed at 0,1 mm, hollowed, with 2 mm thickness walls.
Only the base, the ground, was printed with a FDM printer.
Then all was coated and varnished.

The mesh came from the great sculpting work of talented Bogi Piroth

Hope you like it,


Wow! That’s incredible, Mattia. Fantastic work!

wow very nice. do you have progress pics? would you mind posting a screenshot of your preform file?

Hello Sam and Cesar.
Thanks :wink:

Here attached a couple of WIP pics and a shoot inside PreForm.

Best regards,

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Really nice model! Thanks for showing the process. Is the support for the teeth custom made or generated in preform?

Check your PM. :slight_smile:

Hello Edward,
Thanks. The teeth support was generate by the software. Sounds wired but… it generate it that nice shape only one time, and then no more. Fortunally I’ve saved the .thing file, because next attempts doasen’t generate support so nice and “elegant” like that. I guess is just a random calculation matter.

Could be nice, in the future, into editing support tool, to select and to freeze some of them. So next process of support generation can’t affect the freezed ones.

Best regards,

Thanks for sharing your process shots. Very nice work.
Interesting the you dint need supports for the claws. Whenever I needed to print something like that on mine (pointy) I would have to usually place a support close to the edge or tip.

That is really amazing. Your work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

Dear MattiaMercante,
This is large scale model. I have low successful rate of printing out large scale models. How many times did you try to get all pieces printed?
Thanks for sharing.

sorry I didn’t took a note about times, because I did it in my spare time, one piece after the other.
But I think was around the 16 hours of printing.
Bet regards,

Dear Mattia,
Thanks for replying, Actually my question is that do you get all parts printed once, thus 100% success rate.
I have just find out that my laser is malfunction with less than 1L of resin print. I hope this will not happen to you soon.

I worry about my 2nd shipment which just ordered. Sigh…

I had some failed prints during my project. I started to print the bear with the Form1 (not 1+ version) and at that time the problems were a daily matter. I lost prints and resin.
However now, with the Form1+, I didn’t had the problems as before. The laser spot (at present day) still work fine. Hope it won’t decay in the next prints.

Best regards,

I just got instruction from formlab technician about cleaning the lens behind. I am running a test print to see my problem got fixed… I m still printing.

Fantastic work! Can you please explain how you glued the parts together with resin?

glue togheter the pieces was an easy job. More hard and tedious was to remove all the junctions seams.
However: putted some drops of the same resin used for the print on 3-4 points of the junctions. Putted togheter the parts and with laser point make those drops well cured. Other way is to move in place the 2 pieces togheter using a fast glue. When the pieces are in place, you can use a small pinched brush to fill the thin line between the pieces. Then, step by step, you will cure the resin with laser pointer.
Usually I must repeat the steps 2 or 3 times, in order to fill correctly the gaps and reconstruct the missing surface parts between the pieces.

Final step is to send and refine those areas and varnish the sculpture.

Best regards,

Thank you very much, I will try it.