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4th print of the Form 3L - Large (600mm) ship model



Finalised this model. Printed in only 2 parts on the Form 3L. Love this machine. :blush:


You need the coke can for scale :stuck_out_tongue: although most of us are used to the removal tools for reference hehe

How do you wash something this big?


With lots of IPA :grimacing:


Beautiful as usual! Love seeing what you folks are doing with the 3L. :slight_smile:


WOW! Your making me wish mine was here!

Can’t wait to get it!



I’m expecting my 3L soon, really excited :grin:


Mini rafts?!? Brave!!!
That’s regular gray resin?


Have you noted much warping on parts this size? I’m looking to print large two-part molds and I need them to fit precisely together.


No warping