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Our biggest print sofar: 3L


42h print time. ~500ml.




Holy crap! Lot’s of supports!



Yes I am amazed how small you can print handrails on a 3 that I couldn’t do on a 2.
Ho stairs and the handrails print nicely.

Not to mention the size of models on a 3L.
I don’t have a 3L.


Yea, railings are super nice. Will share picture later of the finished model.


:slight_smile: Used 0.45 point size and added some 0.6 points under the lower edge of the model. The support is different from the 3. Feels more rigid. But because the models usually bigger and sturdier its easy to remove. This model I cut the supports around the railings and literally just removed the rest by hand. 15-20min work.


That’s awesome.

Mine is arriving today so crossing my fingers i get the same functionality as you are at this time.



It would be great to print my train engine models in one piece instead of fitting together three but I can’t justify the cost if a 3L. SAD.


We can print for you. Contact us.


Ok the model is a 1/48 scale Union Pacific EC-4 that houses a MooSoo vacuum to clean track.
The shell looks like:

This is most of the 3D print the remainder

parts are laser cut acrylic.

give me an idea of the cost to print, shipping etc.?


the shell only.