First print of our 3L

Here is our 3D-printed Yacht Möbius. This was design study we worked on a few years back but its still an impressive sight. Angled in the printer it reached 420mm in length. I’m absolutely impressed with the 3L sofar. Even on 0.1mm layer heights I get such smooth surfaces and detail is amazing. Have even more models in pipe line.



What a gorgeous print! Thanks so much for showing it off! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you and others get up to with the larger build volume.


awesome print. if you don’t mind sharing, what material is the one used for your display base?

Baseplate is acrylic.

thank you. Nicely done.

Nice! Thank you for sharing!


I just put the order in for mine and can’t wait to get it…

Question. What resin did you use with it and how was the dimensional accuracy with it?


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Looks nice!

Is it printed hollow?

What’s the resin usage in total?

Grey V4 resin, Haven’t measured any dimensions yet.

Yes, for sure. Had about 350ml resin usage.

Is there a seamline and can you show us a closeup? Also what was the print time?

40h :slight_smile:

No seamline as it was to one side. I had other prints with seamline and also very impressed. Its tiiny and will be easily post processed with some primer and paint.


Wow, 40hours?

That’s a little bit slow. I was expecting this around 18-24hrs.

But understand this 45-degree position will take some time to print.

Yes, this was almost full length and height. Good thing with two lasers is I could print two in about the same time.

looks good.

Thank you for the post and it helps a lot. Please keep posting more.

I do have a Form3 and it is not reliable since the light unit always get stuck ( I switched one from Formlabs and it is still the same.) I own a couple of large industrial SLA too but they only print one type material and it is impossible to switch the resin since the tank holds like 250kg resin as the minimum volume to start prints.

That’s why I was kinda hesitating to buy the Form3L at the beginning but rather to wait for some real filed feedback before making a purchase.

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How has the printer been working for you?

The price was too steep. I would have bought at about $7500.

Ouch. So your initial thoughts is that it’s not worth the money?

Printer is working great. Great machine and clean prints straight out the box. I think its worth the price. At the moment I miss 50 micron layers hope FL will launch that within a reasonable amount of time. For many small parts I’m still using the 3.