Luxury Yacht

I’ve been using the Form2 throughout this project and has been running non-stop for a couple of weeks. It’s been such a critical part of my project. For my degree I created a 1:40 scale model of a luxury yacht. The cabin, keel, boom, rudders, mast spreaders and all the small details have been printed using the machine. I’d like to thank formlabs for such a streamline printer process.

edit: more on - including ‘making of’ in the Journal tab;


Wow, that’s a really nice looking model. Got to be worth a 1st :grinning:

Very clean…nice job Iain

That sir, is a work of art! :+1:

Thanks folks. It’s been a fantastic and very rewarding project to work on. I do hope I get a good mark for it. Wouldn’t have been possible (or considerably more expensive lets say) without the form2. There are some better, high res images on my online portfolio that I’m in the process of updating if anyone’s interested;

As this was my FMP I’m hoping to become a professional modelmaker.


Excellent work Iain. You’ll get a good grade on that work for sure.

Spectacular! Good for you. Love my new Form 2 as well. Amazing job.

Very cool, did you find it all that difficult to clean up the seams from where you had to split up parts?

Very nice work. well done.

Thanks everyone. It’s been an exciting project to work on and I’m glad I could share it with you all. The Form2 is a real workhorse and it’s been used somewhere in nearly all of my projects.

@Walter_Gillespie Fingers crossed!

@scrintr3D It’s a superb machine. Well worth the investment.

@Zachary_Brackin Since I split it at the smallest point there wasn’t too much work needed. Some filler and sanding over it did the job rather well. The resin sands and takes primer exceptionally well and the lines quickly disappear.

Holy frijole, that’s amazing!

Great Model well done!

I think you’ll get a job at any design agency you’d like with that kind of work!

Keep us updated with future projects!

Amazing Job!!

I was looking for split parts in the forum because I am about to print a big part!

Your project success certainly makes me more confident about mine!

After sanding, I understand you applied primer. But what kid of paint did you use?

Best Regards! And keep up the amazing job!

Cheers everyone.

@joaolavaque ; I used cellulose based paints mixed down with thinners. Now that I think of it; by using thinners together with the paint might result in a little extra smoothing of the print lines as the paint settles. IPA and thinners have some things in common. Especially if a print wasn’t fully cured.

Excellent work sir! Hoping to do the same here soon with some of my designs.

Oh? Do tell…

Gonna be fun… but I have a long way to go!

Based on the size of that propeller you printed, that is going to be one amazing and huge model. I can’t wait to see more.

That is really nice looking!