Luxury Yacht


I wish they were the same project! Prop is for a friend who designs them, but hoping to have the boat end up around 3ft. Work is getting in the way right now, but I’ll start a thread once the model build starts. Gotta get funds for all the resin I see in the future!:grinning:


Awesome work! Back in the day I met a custom miniature ship builder and he made many scale replicas for folks who owned impressive yachts/sailboats/etc. He did exquisite work but the labor was very high. He fetched many thousands of dollars (up to $10-15K) for each model. I guess if you can afford the yacht, having a custom miniature on your desk or in your den is a way to show off your beloved boat.


OMG, so nice, why do you use grey resin. Is there a reason? You could have use white, black , tough etc.


@AlexMcCarley Alex that looks like a superb boat your working on. What scale are you looking to make the model at? Would be great to see a thread of your project.

@BJBenterprises That’s exactly the work I do now at a design/modelmaking agency. Currently working on a whole range of yachts, sailing boats and other marine models.

@sloh I tend to use the grey because of it’s prototype looking finish and you can see the details easier. For this project white would have probably been more suited but I just used what I had in.


If I don’t hurry up, the actual yacht will be in the water soon. The real one tends to get in the way of the model one… Jarrett Bay 90 has online build pics.
Got distracted with a sectioned turbine for the local college. Working to set up summer camp for high school age kids… they are starting to get into the whole maker concept. Legos on steroids.
Oh, and I had to print new center caps for the Jeep rims obviously… hahaha!

Tough v2 is blue and v3 has a green tint… resolution much better w/ v3.Yeah, my paint process needs some work!


how did you made that flooring its not printed? also rails are build from other material? Man this is big inspiration for my work!!!


amazing project!