My sincere apologies

To my valued clients, I sincerely apologize that my new Form2 arrived way quicker than expected. This will result in a delay for your deadlines that I will now be completely blowing off as I have no willpower or self control to prevent me from trying my first 3d print ever.

Best Regards,

Just wanted to introduce myself here and thank all the folks who have been a huge help to this grom (surf newbie). Will try to compile a better list to thank soon, but JasonSpiller and RandyCohen posts have been awesome.

My day job is yacht design/propulsion systems/ CC2 surfacing, so please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Thanks to all!



Welcome Alex, take a breath and go slow, Learning 3d printing takes time and patients, I am sure you will be rewarded and you will enjoy it if you keep that in mind. This group is very knowledgeable so don’t be shy to share your concerns and issues as you go along.

Mike A
Scout Design & MFG

Thanks Mike! Killing me to have deadlines to hit while Form2 sits idle… but it was the forum support that pushed me over the edge. Now all I need to figure out is how to to get good prints from my 5axis models.100ft doesn’t quite scale down to the print envelope with wall thickness. There will be goo, and I will be having fun for sure! Will definitely keep everyone posted on my “experiments”. Never been worried about breaking things!



Welcome aboard :slight_smile: I also just got my Form 2 - remember it can run overnight unattended - so one plan is to create your print jobs at the end of the working day and then you have something to look forward to in the morning. You point about scale resonates. I make precious metal cufflinks from ship design drawings and getting a 200 metre super yacht to scale down to 2cm and retain the important details is always fun.


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Don’t worry, running at night is part of the plan. That way I can honestly say I’m working my tail off for the day job!

What software are you running? Definitely a wicked scale transition for sure. ProE and Rhino here… actual hull thickness definitely a no go. Step one, cool verified and simple chess set. Couple of fishing lures. Boat sliced on centerline. Diesel engine and gear shells.

And now I invoke rule number one… you will never be behind schedule if you don’t tell when you will be done. Looking fwd to sharing “progress”. I have some catching up to do and many thanks to the forum gang for the great info.

Hi Alex, I run RhinoGold (Rhinocad with Jewellery add on) and ArtCam Jewelsmith from Delcam.

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