I just love my printer!

I sincerely do. I know that every techie electronic has quirks, however truly I am amazed at each and every print that comes off my printer. I can’t sing the praises enough.


Awesome. Love mine too.

Same here! The accuracy is pretty amazing.

I do want to pick ya’lls brains soon on tips for casting! Have some fishing lure things in the works needing detailed lead casting. Would this be something either of you would consider taking on for a single digit prototype run?

Definitely out of my skill set and would jump at professional help!

Thanks Ann and Alex.

Alex do you have a printer? Lead is something I shy away from do you need help creating a 3d model?



Got the CAD models covered, but pretty sure I can create a mess trying to get into casting! The extent of my casting knowledge was cutting the lead weights out of my fishing gear. Definitely not scared of breaking stuff to keep moving along. Loving my Form2 and ya’lls detail level is beyond my usual… 18-150ft boats. Happy to admit I need pro help to proceed, and agree on lead… not the most fun stuff to work with.

Would gladly share models, just in patent mode so kinda limited for now. Def let me know if I can help w/ your stuff as well. Form2 rocks!

Almost forgot, welcome to a great community of which I’m still in newbie phase. In surf lingo, I’m still a gromm here.

Thanks Alex! You can just make the molds from silicone. That is what I use.