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Hey all, Im new here and in a bit of a boggle.
I am a amature metal caster who has been doing alot of lost pla castings but would like to step it up to the next level. I have been casting for another 3d printing guy that I had a falling out with ( for reasons I wont get into) and am looking to break new ground and produce higher quality castings from higher quality prints. My current printer does a good job for cosmetic things, but I have never been satisfied with the print lines and resolution it delivered. I dont want to be tweeking every print to get things to fit, and I understand that sla printing still may need some tinkering but I dont want to have to adjust things like i Have with lost pla castings either. So here I am trying to make a decision on where I want to go with my castings, seems like either a dlp or sla would be a good choice, but which one? I have been partial to the form1 since I first started getting into 3 d printing but was advised against from who I was previously doing castings for( who misinformed me about several other things) and now im just stuck in a world of uncertainty. i will be lurking on the forum checking things out for a bit, but if anyone can push me in one direction or the other please do so. Im feeling a bit like an idiot atm…

Hi David,

I use my form1+ for jewelry printing and casting using the castable resin. The quality of prints I’ve been getting is top notch. I’m not saying there aren’t better print quality printers out there. There are, but not at this price and not something that is so easy to use.

If you are happy casting PLA prints then you are going to be blown away by the form1+ prints and the castable resin.