An Overview of All 3d Printing Machines, Materials, Processes and Services

In my search for a castable resin I came across this site which I find very useful for getting an overview of the current offerings of 3d printers and their respective materials. and of course you will find the formlabs Form1 : )

Looks good, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hey Jesse, I’m so glad you think it’s useful!

I’m Kenny from the Dev team at THRE3D. We loved the form1 print you posted! ( We also just made a neat page full of diagrams about every type of SLA process that you probably would enjoy. It’s a fun read :smiley: (

Hi Kenny, THRE3D is a fantastic site full of rich information, I’m gonna spend plenty of time gleaning your pages : )

It is a very nice site indeed. Lots of useful info for people who are trying to decide what kind of printer to get and to get an overall knowledge about all types of 3d printing technologies Nice job Kenny.

The only thing I would suggest is to add a gallery section for each printer with the images that people uploaded. I can only find those images on the front page.

Hey Monger! We’re currently making a gallery section for each individual printer. This way you can find all the prints related to an Ultimaker, for example. With this tool I think it will be really easy for people to understand what kind of print quality you can get for each type of printer. Maybe even see the personalities of each set of printer users. What kind of things do Form1 users like to print in comparison with Makerbotters?

In the very near future, along with specific printers, we’re going to allow prints to be tagged to materials, accessories, and even print settings. That way you can know instantly what material this dude/dudette used while printing this object and how he/she did it. I’m way to excited for this thing to happen…

Also, thanks for your print Monger! It’s the nicest Yoda I’ve seen. Could you tell me what resin you used?

Hey Kenny,

Those features sound great! I don’t know if you guys already have forum, but that also would be good to have. That way people could talk to each other about various printers, and help each other.

Glad you liked the yoda. I used my own hybrid resin mix. 50/50 form labs grey and b9 cherry red. It allowed me to get higher resolution print on the form 1.

I had NO idea it was kosher to mix the streams, is it were. You kind of just blew my mind a little! Do you have a B-9? I’m really curious to get an impression of one.

About the forums, i think it would be a fantastic addition. I want a space where people can talk about their prints and learn how to improve their various skill sets to make better and better things. Just like this, actually.  I learned you can mix resins!

Actually, we have a discussion section for each printer, material, or whatever. You can see it next to the reviews. I think it looks cool, but in reality nobody uses it, so I’m probably going to chop it out.

Be sure to share whatever else you make, we’ll be excited to see it :smiley:

Hi Kenneth, I think it would be great if the submitted images popped out to a larger size on click. I am sure I speak for most, we want to see the surface quality or the print : ) Loving the site.


My first 3d printer was a b9. Got it from the kickstarter campaign. I sold it later on, so don’t have it anymore.


That’s a great idea. It’s hard to bother people with adding multiple pictures, I think, but maybe have an optional zoomed-in pic? I’m going to toy around with ideas on how to implement this. In the near future we want to make an easy way to show off your print and have others immediately understand the settings, temperatures/ materials/ printers you used to accomplish that print, and what quality it resulted in so other people an learn from you. I think having some way to visualise the surface quality is probably the most important component of this.

Did you eve get a chance to run some prints and compare them to the form one? Im curious as the quality differences in DLP vs SLA printing.    :P


DLP vs SLA is really not a valid comparison, because they technically do use the same technology which involves curing liquid resin, except one uses a laser and the other a projector.

If we are comparing the Form1 to the B9 creator, they both output good prints. The surface quality of the B9 is much better however you get more stepping lines than with the Form1. You can minimize this on the B9 by printing using the cherry red resin and thin layers, but they still show up. The form1 gives you a little better overall print, but not as detailed as the B9, and you can get peel lines if your model is not supported enough for the peel process.

The following picture illustrates the difference of the same part printed on both printers. The form1 print is done using the hybrid mix, therefore I believe the form1 is capable of even better detail and surface quality if there is better resin release for it.

Obviously the most important difference is that the b9 print can be direct-casted and the form1 print cannot.

Monger, this info is amazing!

I was specifically wondering what the comparative differences between using a projector versus a laser. The technique is the same - light curing - but I was under the impression that projectors give off less detail on edges because the sliced images they use aren’t sharp lines but more like the blurring you get with jpeg image files. I guess your pictures answered my questions - there is little difference between the two. It seems the biggest quality difference between the b9 and form1 is from their movement mechanisms, specifically the step motor bumping up the print each time. Is this correct? I know from talking with DIYers building their own rigs using projectors that the larger you project the image (thus creating larger possible build sizes for your printer) the less detail you get.

Also the pictures look really pretty :]


The separation mechanism is the main difference and the curing method. The b9 slides the VAT side to side to separate the layer from the bottom of the VAT, and the Form1 tilts the VAT to do the same. You can get pretty small pixels on the b9 when you focus the projector close enough, while the form1 is limited by the laser focus size, which is still pretty small. With HD projectors, DLP printers can increase the print area without sacrificing quality. For the form1 to output a smaller laser dot, they would have to bring the laser closer to the tank, which introduces all kinds of new challenges.

‘there is little difference between the two’ - I see huge difference. And at this point it looks like the surface quality of the b9 is way better than the form 1, while the stepping could be easily eliminated with a little sanding and you’d have a DWS like print. Monger, im curious, why did you sell your b9 and decided to keep the form1? for jewelry especially it seems like its a no brainer to go for the b9 - castable resin + superior surface finish. Where do you see the advantage of the form1 today?

Great pics btw :wink:


The b9 print was not done by me. It was printed in version 1.1 of the b9 by Mike (the creator of the b9). I had the version 1 and didn’t have good luck with it. Plus it was a bit noisy for me and the build area was small.

Another thing is that the b9 print was done horizontally and not at an angle, so the bottom did not look so good. I imagine an angled print may show even more build lines, bit I’m not sure.

The advantage of the form1 is it’s compact size, the large build area and overall ease of use. But again, there is no reason not have both of these machines in your toolbox.


Question for you Monger:

I notice the B9 print is smoother on the corners, while the Form 1 print has sharper angles (this includes the corners of the “cage” the cross is suspended in). Do you know why? Are these the exact same file?