Sample of some of the printing I do for my products

Here’s a 1:48 scale workbench with clutter. I also have it done in 1:64 and 1:87 scale. All printed real nice as these shown in the photo.
Form 2 Printer and ALW Grey Resin.


Those are pretty cool! HO scale train stuff?

The photo is of O Scale prints. I have done them also in S and HO scales. I always take photos of the O Scale items for display on my website.

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Those are cool! My real workbenches should be that empty.

Thanks Fellas. Now here’s a new one I just added today.
Retro 2 Wheel Dolly in O, S and HO Scales.


All those things are soooo cute! The Bench Vise is epic!

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Thanks Ann, Just getting started on these. I have a LOT more in the design stages.

I closed my business in October as it was getting TOO BIG. I’m 77 and my wife, 74, works with me. We found we were working 12- 14 hours a day. Too much. Still doing some work for the fellow I sold the rest of the company to.

Never could find anyone to buy the 3D printing part of the company. The work was too much for most of them. [grin]

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Walter, tell us please, what kind of equipment you have, and how many you pretend for it. Greetings, Gustavo. Argentina.

Made a error here. Posted the wrong thing.

Or are you looking for the equipment involved in the 3D printing?

Yes, i understood you are selling it. Sorry if i missunderstood.

I had been looking to sell the 3D printing section of my company but, as I said, those that looked at it couldn’t handle it. It takes more than 1 person to run this. There are over 2,000 different 3D parts in the inventory to manufacture.
For now I’m doing bulk wholesale to a limited number of resellers. That’s gotten rid of a lot of the pressure of handling individual orders.

how much are you asking for? George Earussi 2672548470 Philadelphia

Right now I’ve backed off from looking at selling it…
There is a lot of equipment and inventory that goes with it as well as the 3D drawings. It will take a small box truck, at least, to haul it all.
You can send me a PM as I won’t post price here on the internet.

Hi, George. I lost your email address. I’ve been thinking over and over lately about getting out of the 3D printing production. Only thing is I don’t really know what I’d do to stay busy and earn a bit extra for treats. [grin]

What is ALW resin?

Applied Lab Works Resin just look it up through Google.