Sample of some of the printing I do for my products


Here’s a 1:48 scale workbench with clutter. I also have it done in 1:64 and 1:87 scale. All printed real nice as these shown in the photo.
Form 2 Printer and ALW Grey Resin.


Those are pretty cool! HO scale train stuff?


The photo is of O Scale prints. I have done them also in S and HO scales. I always take photos of the O Scale items for display on my website.


Those are cool! My real workbenches should be that empty.


Thanks Fellas. Now here’s a new one I just added today.
Retro 2 Wheel Dolly in O, S and HO Scales.


All those things are soooo cute! The Bench Vise is epic!


Thanks Ann, Just getting started on these. I have a LOT more in the design stages.